• Grand Raid La Reunion, Carlton Rowlands is 13th at the Trail de Bourbon

    After around 16 hours running the athlete from Trailrunning Team Vibram crossed the finish line and closed a very demanding race.

    13th position for Carlton Rowlands at the Trail de Bourbon, one of the two races participated by the Trailrunning Team Vibram this past week-end at the Grand Raid La Reunion. "The last downhill was muddy, I had to fight until the very end, this Trail de Bourbon was a very tough and great experience for me", said Carlton at the finish line, after a 15:59min39s run with The North Face shoes powered by Vibram soles.

    On the Diagonale Des Fous side, both Marco Zanchi and Stefano Ruzza resigned and gave up on the top of the “terrible” Maïdo’s mountain. Sometimes it happens. They did as best as they could!

    "My trail de Bourbon", Carlton ROWLANDS. It’s safe to say my season has been mixed. I’d had some quite unexpected...

    Posted by Trailrunning Team Vibram on Monday, 9 November 2015