• Vibram presents its new SkiAlp Team

    Vibram is proud to announce the creation of a new team of athletes, the Vibram SkiAlp Team, which is set to represent the company behind the yellow octagon in the most important ski mountaineering competitions.

    While ski mountaineering is currently experiencing a boom, its history with Vibram is long-standing. We are seeing a real increase in the number of people practicing it, sport enthusiasts looking for pistes far from the beaten track, attracted by the "social" aspect of the discipline - which is a very different approach compared to traditional skiing.

    This is a trend that has lead several companies within the outdoor sector to target their products with the aim of better meeting the needs of the sporty consumer that is becoming increasingly aware (performance, a lightweight, protection).

    In light of this, Vibram has enhanced its range within the ski mountaineering sector by offering a range of soles - that best represent the optimal balance between grip, a lightweight and wear resistance - which are now available on Scarpa, La Sportiva, Scott and, last but not least, Arc’teryx boots (available on the market winter 2016).


    More than 30 race appearances are planned for the 2016 season, with the most important being the famous Pierra Menta and Tour du Rutor.

    Six athletes make up the new SkiaAlp Team Vibram : Ronan Moalic and Sylvain Montagny from France, Roberto Delorenzi from Switzerland, Carlton Rowlands from England and Uxue Fraile and Javier Dominguez from Spain, already prominent stars from the Vibram Trailrunning Team.

    In addition to taking part in races, the team will also have an additional brief: testing the latest technological solutions that the company is developing, as well as upgrades.

    The Vibram SkiAlp Team will wear Alien 3.0 during its first season, the advanced and innovative ski mountaineering boot engineered by Scarpa. The gear will be supplied by C.A.M.P., which will equip the athletes with high-tech backpacks, harnesses, ice picks, crampons and helmets.

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