Repair If You Care

In order to invite the public not to discard their items and to give them a new lease of life, Vibram launched the “Repair If You Care” campaign, focused on the concept of re-use and repair as a sustainable approach.

The company’s principal objective is to encourage final consumers not to throw away their shoes, but rather to re-use and personalise them, underlining the fact that repair is a valuable opportunity for reducing waste, and a conscious choice linked to sustainability. Therefore Vibram invites everyone to extend the duration of a product’s life in order to reduce its environmental impact, pointing out that even a small contribution by all can make the difference.



Not just ongoing research and development for innovative solutions that increasingly ensure a positive impact on the planet: the world of repair becomes an opportunity and a sustainable choice, extending a product’s lifespan in order to reduce waste and environmental impact.


With the “Repair If You Care” campaign, Vibram is committed to enhancing the sensitivity of final users, increasing their awareness regarding the best way of using – and in this case, re-using – their footwear as well as their interest in the world of artisanal footwear.


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