Natalia Mastrota

A 23-year old Italian Natalia Mastrota has managed to pack a lot into her short life. An urbanite and Milan native, she tried ski mountaineering at the age of 14, falling in love with the sport from the first sight, started competing and moved to Bormio age 15 to be closer to the mountains and train year-round. As an athlete, she prefers long skimo races and ultratrail running in summer. Her most memorable race to date is a four day affair Pierra Menta with a 10,000m of vertical elevation. She is most motivated by competing against her own personal best. Natalia uses recovery days to go rock climbing, freeskiing or cooking delicious Italian food learnt from her grandmother. Having given birth to her son Marlo in June of 2018, Natalia was back in full form on the competition circuit in November of the same year. She lives in Chamonix with her partner Dani, son Marlo and her Italian Bracco Bambi.