Arkaitz "Piru" Irureta

Arkaitz is a mountaineer who loves outdoor activities like climbing, mountain biking, trail running, orienting, nordic skiing and ski mountaineering. In 2004 he discovered skimo races. And in 2010 he discovered Pierra Menta. He got in love with this race because it is the essence of mountaineering; it combines long routes, wonderfull uphills, a bit of climbing, amazing downhills, the adrenalin of the hardest race, and to share those moments with a team mate, Javi Dominguez, who introduced in Team Vibram in 2017. Thanks to Vibram, he can test all the latest and best products for the mountain activities.

  • Pierra Menta 2019
  • 2eme absolut Alta Ruta Pyrene 2018 with Javi Dominguez
  • 3eme Veteran Altitoy-Grande Course 2018 with Javi Dominguez
  • Pierra Menta 2018 avec Javi Dominguez
  • Winner Alta Ruta Pyrene 2017 with Javi Dominguez
  • 2nd Memorial Bandres-Karolo
  • Winner Altitoy Veteran with Javi Dominguez
  • 3rd overall Basque Championship 2017
  • Pierra Menta 2017 avec Javi Dominguez
  • 2014 3rd absolut Andres de Regil with Javi Dominguez
  • 2nd Couples basque championship with Javi Dominguez
  • 2nd Individual Basque Cup