Uxue Fraile

Joints Trailrunning Team Vibram in the 2014, just two years after she started running in mountains. she practiced athletics when she was a kid but the call of the nature brought her to start to run adventure races in the 2007. that represented the start of running in the mountains. Uxue started to run ultra trail since her first year in this discipline, running few races shorter than 42km. she prefers races between 80 and 120 km, although it is true that she performe such good in one hundred miles races, and results speaks by themselves. her favorite races is Zegama Mendi maratoia and UTMB, very different races between eachother, but both in a such emotional environment. In 2017 she had to stopped due to a serious injure and after 17 months from a surgery she hit again with an incredible 2nd place at the UTMB 2018.

  • 2013 3th Transvulcania
  • 2013 2nd Cavalls del Vent
  • 2014 3rd Transvulcania
  • 2014 5th Ultra Trail Mont Blanc
  • 2014 3th Diagonal Des Fous
  • 2015 6th Trail World Championship (Annecy)
  • 2015 4th Eiger Ultra Trail
  • 2015 1st Ultra Trail Mauritius
  • 2015 2nd Ultra Trail Mont Blanc
  • 2015 1st Ultra Trail Mont Fuji
  • 2015 3rd Ultra Trail World Tour ranking
  • 2016 3rd Transgrancanaria
  • 2016 2nd Lavaredo Ultra Trail
  • 2016 3rd Ultra Trail Mont Blanc
  • 2016 2nd Ultra Trail World Tour ranking
  • 2018 2nd Ultra Trail Mont Blanc
  • 2018 1st Ultra trail Mont Siguniang

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